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Product Description:

  Model:MX9100 Series
 Feature :

Absorbs light upon exposure , illuminates well in the absence of light , PET type , Non-printable  , Nontearable , Electrocut

Application :

Signs & markings for emergency evacuation , safety direction in factories , commercial & residential buildings .

Specification : 1.24m * 45.7m

Technical Application Data :

Series   Service Life    Glow duration  Luminescent value mcd/m2   Film thickness

MX9101      05 years            5 hours            Initial:4000,  after 05>1.5          0.13mm 

MX9102      07 years            8 hours            Initial:8000,  after 10>1.5          0.13mm 

Technical Specifications:

Initial luminescent value refers to the value which is obtained by testing machine in 5 seconds after exposing light based on ambient

conditions under the light source of 1000LX

Date values may differ for product variance on upgradation. Before using , practical suitability test is recommended .

Adhesive Thickness : 0.04mm

Release Paper Thickness :0.18mm

Custom with (s ) & length (s) available

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