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MingXing Reflectorized Materials Co., Ltd. is located aside Xiamen port, which is an enterprise specialized in the research, production and sale of high reflective glass beads, reflective sheeting, release papers, special glues and other high-tech products.

Products produced by our company are widely used in the field of road marks, labels, marked lines, mines, railways, aviation, maritime affairs, light industry, civil advertising, and uniforms of workers in police, traffic, sanitation, fire prevention and field operation. In the daylight, they perform the function of reminding through their bright colors; during the night or in poor light, their bright reflective effects can effectively increase identifying ability, assist people to see the target clearly and alert people, thus avoiding occurrence of traffic accidents, reducing the casualties and diminishing economic loss. They have become an indispensable safe-guard to create obvious social benefits.

Products produced by our company meets the European EN471, CE, Switzerland environmental protection certification, the United States ANSI/107 and other certifications from home and abroad; our company also meets ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environment management standards and BSCI commercial social responsibility check. Our company has the independent right to import and export; our products have more than 30 commercial networks nationwide, and are sold around the world.

reflective film

: Reflective film is a kind of newly-emerging, high-performance and composite reflective materials, combined by reflective layers formed by glass beads through special craftsmanship and PC, PVC, acrylic resin and other macromolecule materials. Strong-level reflective films, engineering reflective films, advertising reflective films, plate reflective films, vehicle body reflective films and other reflective films, which are mainly used in label plates of highways, body reflective signs, warning marks of parking lots, indication marks, outline marks, steering marks and diversion marks, and traffic signs and elevated billboards of high-level express roads, railroads, arterial streets, which play a significant role in safeguarding traffic safety.

reflective sheeting

: reflective sheetingreflective sheeting, is made as a special process to form the reflective layer of glass beads and PVC, PU and other polymer materials combine to form a novel reflective material.

reflective fabric

: Reflective fabric is the nicest instance of the expanded usability of the fabrics. This has been all possible just because of the continuous innovation in the science field. Reflective fabrics are known for their ability to reflect the light to the farthest distance possible.